Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I Don't Know why, ya'll, I'm having a little dry spell. I'm going to watch some chickens for a while then I'll be back on the bus. Until then...

...these are the best two things I've read this week:

Over at Revealer (NYU's blog on religion), a review of Zero Dark Thirty that gets it right: torture is really terrible, and we should not be happy about it:
The War is far, far away, on a screen.  It gives you a headache and is over for at least a little while when you turn off the machines. It is terrible and distant. And most of us have never been made uncomfortable by it for a nanosecond. Until Bigelow.

And from Stanford (via Barking via Elliot) a statistical survey on qualities that lead to Happiness versus Meaning, and the various interactions between those.
Our findings suggest that happiness is mainly about getting what one wants and needs, including from other people or even just by using money. In contrast, meaningfulness was linked to doing things that express and reflect the self, and in particular to doing positive things for others.

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