Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy March for Life!

Ha, just kidding.
Compassion in numbers. 

This response to the March for Life by Daniel Horan, OFM, pretty much summarizes my thoughts on the pro-life/anti-abortion issue.

Abortion is a big problem in our world. It has a long history and a long, legal future.

But more than an problem in itself, it is better known as a symptom of other problems. Abortions are women remedying mistakes. So the compassionate response to abortion is to ask - whats up with these mistakes?

And there are so, so, so many "pro-life" causes - war, starvation, crime, relocation.

Not to mention, the adoption/foster care systems in the US and overseas are critically  underfunded.

So where should we be devoting resources?

Definitely not to overblown, expensive political demonstrations where believers get to preach to the crowd and politicians get to posture like they are willing to spend political capital on this issue because they want Christian votes.

Compassion is the first step to community, it is the first step to Christianity, and it is the only step to Humanity. Are million-man marches on Washington full of compassion? I really don't think so.

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