Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Prayer

I'm trying to pivot next week to some topics on money and humanity, which have been on my mind as Q and I figure out our budget. I was thinking of the prayer of St. Francis, but I prefer this similar prayer by Cesar Chavez. 

I like this one for two big reasons. For one, Chavez is someone we know. He worked near where we live, with people we know of. He is not an abstraction, a statue in a garden with little deer and birds around. He suffered in tangible ways, with tangible results.

Also, this Chavez prayer is more human somehow, I think. No mention of a heavenly lord or master. Dawkins could pray this, honestly, for the equality of persons, and the subjecthood of the planet.

Show me the suffering of the most miserable;
So I will know my people's plight.
Free me to pray for others;
For you are present in every person.
Help me take responsiblity for my own life;
So that I can feel free at last.
Grant me courage to serve others;
For in service there is true life.
Give me honesty and patience;
So that I can work with other workers.
Bring forth song and celebration;
So that the Spirit will be alive among us.
Let the Spirit fourish and grow;
So that we will never tire of the struggle.
Let us remember those who have died for justice;
For they have given us life.
Help us love even those who hate us;
So we can change the world.

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