Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Steps to Connecting

Beautiful skies, meteor showers, and cool temperatures help us think of the planet this time of the year. 

Now, with our human loved-ones, we connect by acting on our thougths. I thought of my friend today, so I called him and we met up. When my mom thinks of me she writes me an email. Neither my friend's hangout or my mom's email have a point other than to connect. Thought turned into action turned into connection.

How do we do that with the planet?

I love a good botanical garden - NYC
Well, first step, we think about the planet. We put ourselves into a mindset that helps us remember our planet - planting trees and gardens, visiting animals, getting out of the city, looking up at the sky. Habits like these are like going to book club, or keeping a birthday calendar - anything that reminds us to make room in our busy day-to-day for something else. We do that for our people-friends, why not our planet-friends?

Next, we have to engage in some action. I think of my friend and post something on facebook to them. Maybe I get my hands dirty in the garden, or go for a hike out of town or in a botanical garden. At the very least we can look up at the sky for a few minutes, or even admire some beautiful pictures while we're at work.

maybe not a good model for connection
At last, we form connections. I would do anything for my friend, and he helps me grow, too. Our connection is good. If we think about and act with our planet, we will develop a connection with the planet. And, frankly, if we don't have that we have a very limited life.

Our planet is our richest, boldest, most exciting friend. How can you facebook friend it?

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