Friday, January 11, 2013

Uniting Our Knowledge

Pictured: not a great way to share information
This blog is open access. That means that I share everything, and you can take it if you want and put it in your paper or on your website up on a billboard, if you want. I hope I am personally connected with the information - that a user would cite me or involve me in the conversation. But I don't intend to own or protect the contents of the blog.

Which reminded me of the recent Krista Tippett story on Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard predicted the network of human knowledge, calling it the Noosphere (based on the Greek word for mind/knowledge). In the radio program, Andrew Revkin (from NYT) talks intelligently about the growing reality of a shared human knowledge.

In a sense, Reddit is the Noosphere. But it's up to us to put good content in, and shape our shared knowledge community. Like a Google founder said.

Although this is a little nicer than Reddit
Even when I was in school, the old ways of storing and sharing information - libraries, academic journals, tape cassettes - seemed terribly out-dated and inefficient. I want to share so much! I want to experience things together! You can't (couldn't) do that in a library.

Today libraries are all about sharing, and I think the internet is bringing that together, too. Wikipedia is way better than the Britannica because you don't just want the info, you want to connect it and share it.

I think that sharing - communication - is fundamental to the very existence and value of information.

So please, read and enjoy my blog, copy it if you want. You can't steal it from me.

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