Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Prayer

This year, I'm already all finished with Christmas shopping, and with Christmas giving. I love the gift-giving ritual, but I think our family does a good job of keeping it simple and enjoyable, not materialistic. Now that all my gifts have been given and received - early, before the worst of the outside pressure - the Christmas ads seem even more grating. 

I am gratified that one of my favorite people ever shares this sentiment. From Krista Tippett's excellent summary of why and how she celebrates Christmas:

Here’s what I take seriously. There is something audacious and mysterious and reality-affirming in the assertion that has stayed alive for two thousand years that God took on eyes and ears and hands and feet, hunger and tears and laughter and the flu, joy and pain and gratitude and our terrible, redemptive human need for each other. It’s not provable, but it’s profoundly humanizing and concretely and spiritually exacting. And it’s no less rational — no more crazy — than economic and political myths to which we routinely deliver over our fates in this culture, to our individual and collective detriment.

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