Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Interviews So Far

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I've been hesitant to post about the interviews, but so many people have asked, "What are people saying?" that I want to share. After nearly twenty interviews, some common threads have emerged.

If the interviews could be said to have an overarching theme, it would be the importance of relationships.

Most conversations have been with millennials - men and women born after 1984. Millennials have all been deeply interested in relationships - friends, family, networks, loved ones. They expressed this positively using words and ideas like a desire to be well remembered, trying to connect with people through art or music, being treated with respect and respecting others. They also expressed the importance of connections negatively through words like isolation, judgment, and expectations.

The few older men and women I've spoken with are split on the topic of relationships. One man did not mention relationships at all until I brought it up, and expressed that he "doesn't let anybody tell me what to do." This same man felt connected to past generations, however, with a well developed sense of reincarnation.

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Another common topic - if only because we are meeting due to an online ad - is the relationship with the internet. Everyone valued the internet as a tool that can bring people together and develop communities, but everyone also fears the anonymity of the internet. The picture I put on Craigslist was directly responsible for many people reaching out to me who would not have otherwise.

I also noticed some very direct differences. While many respondants were goal-oriented, bringing up ideas like reaching certain accomplishments, others were more interested in flowing along, "like a river." Personally, as a goal oriented person, this surprised me. I guess I just have a goal-oriented (teleological) community around me, and had forgotten the joys of being open to the universe.

More to come soon! I have a number of unique, promising conversations scheduled this week.

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