Friday, October 12, 2012

What is Good and Not God

Thomas Berry
"all of us moved by that vast 
compassionate curve
that brings all things together
in intimate celebration
celebration that is
the universe itself."
Thomas Berry

I wrote that the word "God" does more harm than good, but I never specified what good I'm looking for. So let's get pragmatic and say:  
What is Good and Not God. 

This nebula is pulsing with matter that will become
new planets. Isn't it beautiful! This is what makes us so
special, and also so integrated.
Some things can't be learned from "god" but can be found in the universe. Like how, in a radical way, we are more similar than we are different. As much as I love our ability to think and build, however unprecedented and unique we may be, we are 99.9% mold on a rock in space. When we learn about the universe this is clear, but "god" heightens our sense of self, personality, identity, and otherness, and keeps us from discovering our basic unity. 

The whole history of our universe is of atoms and organisms developing in interconnected, balanced networks, rising and falling over time, consuming and being consumed. The suddenly we develop consciousness, self-hood, pride, fear of death, and greedy ego. 

It seems to me, then, that the history of the word "God" has been to foster group solidarity, union, and harmony among groups of people.

Is this imagery really possible? I hope so.
Now take the next step,  recognize that we spin together in the universe. We are not isolated. We do not need to feel afraid or alone. We should not fight against our planet as it brings us together. 

"Personal Relationship with Jesus" and "God" language do more harm than good in this new paradigm. These imaginations have carried us for many, many generations, but they are personalized, group-specific, and person-centered, so I don't think they will bear the weight of a new universalism. 

Now can we re-invent spiritual language that connects us to our universe?

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