Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Prayer

I feel an urge to move into the conversation about the joy, unity, and divine present in all spaces. Can we go there? Will we take Thomas Berry?

"An Appalachian Wedding"
Look up at the sky
the heavens so blue
the sun so radiant
the clouds so playful
the soaring raptors
woodland creatures
meadows in bloom
rivers singing their 
way to the sea
wolfsong on the land
whalesong in the sea
celebration everywhere
wild, riotous
immense as a monsoon
lifting an ocean of joy
then spilling it down over
the Appalachian landscape
drenching us all 
in a deluge of delight
as we open our arms and 
rush toward each other
all of us moved by that vast 
compassionate curve
that brings all things together
in intimate celebration
celebration that is
the universe itself.
-- by Thomas Berry,
written for Paul Winter's wedding

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