Friday, October 19, 2012

In the World

Everyone, it's a beautiful day here: clear blue sky, cool and breezy, low humidity (relatively), and I just bought bacon and new socks. So I will take this moment to say thank you, planet.

Thank you, Planet.

By randomly spinning a pattern around a star, your ball of stuff became predictable. Over time that predictable movement led to the development of liquid-state water, which in turn led to weather, geography, and life.

Our form of life has been cultivated with a particular tolerance to temperature. And, over untold centuries, we have borrowed colors like blue and green from our eyes, which evolved to admire clear skies, fat pigs, and green plants as signs of safety, ease and plenty. So today my body is full of joy.

Andy on Earth
These days our species' complexity has led us to create imaginary worlds that we communicate to each other, and that, too, led to our ease and pleasure. But we forget that our lives - our taste buds, our feelings, our colors, our communication and moral systems - are entirely due to your spinning goodness.

I hope that, today and tomorrow, we will not run from your gardens in shame, but connect with you more deeply.

Yours sincerely,

Andy on Earth.

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