Friday, September 14, 2012

The Point of Life

Towel Day is May 25
42. No wait... compassion is the point of life.  If your life is to have a point, it will be through your connection with others.

If we have a future, it will be a future together.

There is no future in isolation:
Not for me and you as individual people,
Not for us as groups, organizations and nations
Not for us as living things,
Not for us as members of an environment and context

Isolation is self-delusion, misunderstanding, pride, and fear.
Isolation is stunted growth and blight.

Isolation is pointless because all of our life goals lead through connection. Do you want to run a successful business? You had better learn what customers want, how to work with colleagues and form relationships with other businesses. Do you want to write successful books? You had better understand human emotion and communication. Do you want to be a successful bodybuilder? You had better learn about the physical standards set by other bodybuilders and judges, and you should find a good coach.

And we already know that our survival relies on relationships. We all need the food and shelter provided by others; we form relationships that sustain us and help us grow emotionally; and we all live as part of an environment that we aren't very good relating with (overall).

For me this means giving up on cults of pride and personality, nations, and instead directing our attention to the universal - universal as in cosmic - goal of compassion, relationships of love.That's where my towel is.

We millennials get this, but we don't get the Chrisitanity's century of isolation.  That's why people our age are not attracted by Christian organizations, which insist on judgment and division as prerequisites to relationship.

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