Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Prayer

Since we're getting to the meat of Spirituality vs. Religion this week - the use of rules and dogmas - let's start with Karl Rahner.

Not the model for relationship with God.
Rahner's prayer:
Lord, you have abrogated the Old Law,”which neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear” (Acts 15:10). But you have established rulers in this world, both temporal and spiritual, and sometimes it seems to me that they have diligently set about patching up all the holes that Your Spirit of freedom had torn in the fence of rules and regulations by His liberating Pentecostal storm.
If I look upon the obedience to these laws as a demonstration of homage for Your beloved free Will, which rules over me according to its own good pleasure, then I can truly find you therein. Then my whole being flows toward You, into You, into the broad, free expanse of Your unbounded Being, instead of being cramped within the narrow confines of human orders. You are the God of human laws for me, only when You are the God of my love.
I love the imagery of a liberating, Pentecostal storm

Rahner, on the act of prayer: 

To the question, “Do you pray?” Rahner once replied: “I hope that I pray. You see, whenever I actually notice, in all the big and little moments of my life, how close I am to that unutterable, holy, and loving mystery that we call God, and whenever I place myself there, dealing with this mystery, as it were, in confidence, hope, and love, whenever I accept this mystery, then I pray – and I hope that I do.”

On second thought, I might just cancel the blog and send everyone I know a collection of Rahner.
Have a good week, everyone.


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