Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's the Plan Here?

 Yesterday the Vatican gave notice to Mercy Sr. Margeret Farley for her forward thinking book on Sexual Ethics as rooted in Justice (a book which just shot up on Amazon's #1 for religion/theology). In their reprimand the Vatican cites traditional ethical standards and weak biblical sources instead of ethical arguments.

Add this to the US Bishop's (USCCB) public investigation of Girl Scouts and the Vatican's very public confrontation with US women religious, and I wonder: What's the plan here?

Confrontation with modernity.
As the progressive National Catholic Reporter reports, the goal of these forays into progressive Christianity in America is to beat back modern culture during the 'year of faith'. This means embracing the traditional aspects of Vatican II while denying it the ability to speak of mission in a real way. Benedict considers tradition to be sacrosanct, untouchable.

Progressive voices, especially modern women, are not welcome.

So what's next? 
People are leaving the Church in droves, that's what's next. People buying Farley's excellent book by the thousands. People listening to the institutional leaders even less than before, and participating even less in their own parish.

Today we have global communities with diverse voices who seek to solve problems, give thanks, or just enjoy a good song together. This is the new Church - the new community of the Spirit. Let us build it up, not tear it down. Don't build a fence to keep those damn kids off your lawn, with their stinkin Elvis music and long hairdos. The kids are all right!

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