Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Story pt.1

I'm a Millennial. 
That means I've had access to the internet since I could remember. That means I had a cell phone in 2002. That means I entered high school in the 21st century. That means I'm anyone who is currently between the ages of 16 and 28.

If you don't know what this means, gramps, take a quiz.

But I've never associated with my own generation.
I am a neophobe. I got my first smartphone this year, and I've always loved the smell of old books. I dress in suits, wear good wristwatches and wing-tip shoes, and have Eisenhower values on shaving, drinking, and fitness.

I found all of these items without standing up from my laptop. Then I took a picture with my smartphone.

More importantly, throughout my life I've tried to impress my elders. That's one reason I studied Theology, and not new-aged spirituality, but really classical Catholic Systematic theology. My mentor, Stephen Duffy, once said (para) "Spirituality isn't a thing. Religion is a thing. Spirituality is what children call it when they're too lazy to think." I think that's why I asked him to be my undergrad thesis sponsor, and why I ended up studying his whole body of work.

I've wanted to be a hardcore theologian. That has affected all my research and my writing. My Masters thesis on the possibility of the Cosmos as a religious narrative was written for someone even more traditional than my own grandmother, who is damn progressive. I have never written for my own generation.

Until now. 
Maybe because I'm finally fed up with the Church institution and its elderly, male holders of power. Maybe because I've finally read really good stuff by people slightly older than me.

Maybe because I have the tools to talk about the elephant in the room.

Writing is finally exhilarating. I feel free to write what I really think about issues, informed by my past, but with a hopeful orientation to the future. I feel like a spokesperson for people my age, who live in a new time and are going through unique transitions.

What is that future? What is the elephant in the room? That will be part 2.